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Montrail Ultra Cup

Western States 100 is the final event each year in the Montrail Ultra Cup series. The top two (2) female and top two (2) male finishers in each individual Ultra Cup Series event will automatically qualify for entry into the Western States 100 event. In the case that the first, or second place participant is already in Western States (or decides to opt out), the automatic bid will slide to third place, fourth place, and subsequently down to fifth place as needed (no places below fifth will be accepted). Montrail Ultra Cup winners will receive their invitation via email and have two weeks from the qualifying race to complete the registration, including paying the entry fee.

The 2016 qualifying races will be announced no later than October 30, 2015.

2015 Montrail Ultra Cup

Bandera 100k, 1/10/15

  1. David Laney
  2. Paul Terranova
  1. Aliza Lapierre
  2. Nicole Studer

Sean O’Brien 100k, 2/7/15

  1. Ryan Smith
  2. Seth Swanson (already in WS)
  3. Jorge Pacheco
  1. Magdalena Boulet
  2. Anita Ortiz

Black Canyon 100k, 2/14/15

  1. Ford Smith
  2. Dave Mackey
  1. Caroline Boller
  2. Angela Shartel (declined spot)
  3. Gina Lucrezi

Gorge Waterfalls 100k, 3/28/15

  1. Justin Houck
  2. Chris Denucci
  1. Michele Yates
  2. Joelle Vaught

Lake Sonoma 50 miler, 4/11/15

  1. Alex Varner (already in WS)
  2. Ryan Bak
  3. Jared Hazen
  1. Stephanie Howe (already in WS)
  2. Cassie Scallon (declined spot)
  3. Ashley Erba (declined spot)
  4. Kerrie Wlad
  5. Kaci Lickteig (already in WS)

Western States 100, 6/27/15

Last Chance Lotteries

For the first time ever Western States 100 applicants who did not get their name drawn in the 2015 lottery will have an additional “Last Chance” to get into the 2015 race.

Five additional lotteries will be conducted, one after each of the Montrail Ultra Cup events, with one winner from each lottery. Anyone who was entered in the 2015 Western States lottery is eligible. To enter any of the “Last Chance” lotteries eligible participants will need to enter and finish that specific Montrail Ultra Cup event. Additionally they will register on the Western States 100 Last Chance Lottery page that will be going live on the Montrail Facebook page in the coming weeks. The lotteries will be conducted after each Montrail Ultra Cup event.


  • Bandera 100K: Chris Petterson
  • Sean O’Brien 100K: Jim Roche
  • Black Canyon 100K: Holly Miller
  • Gorge Waterfalls 100K: Kevin Skiles
  • Lake Sonoma 50M: Jon Beard