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Qualifying Standards

2015 Qualification Standards

  • 100K finish in under 16 hours or;
  • 100M finish in time allowed by race.

We have limited the number of qualifying races to the largest trail 100 milers domestically, and the largest 100Ks that are also of significant difficulty. The 100K distance aligns better internationally. Worldwide, we’ve included the largest races but also have the goal of geographic diversity so runners from anywhere in the world have an opportunity to run a qualifying race. Please see the Qualifying Races list.

The 2015 qualifying run must be run from Monday, November 11, 2013 through Sunday, November 9, 2014.

Updates to the WS Qualifying Runs List

The WS Qualifying Runs List applies only to the associated year-long qualifying period that opens each November. The revised list for the next following Run is published on this site by November 1.

WS does not receive any payment or other benefit in exchange for placing an event on its list of Qualifying Runs.