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Service Requirement

Due to the pandemic and lack of opportunities to volunteer at races or do trail work, the WSER board will not require volunteer work for the 2022 race.

Since 1998, WSER has required eight (8) hours of volunteer service by each Run Entrant. Performance of this requirement can be in the form of trail maintenance or volunteer services at any official running event. The WSER Board has a strong preference that runners perform their service in support of an ultra or doing trail work on a trail used in an ultra, but will accept service provided to any organized running event or trail work done on any trail commonly used by runners. Note: pacing, crewing or coaching other runners does NOT qualify as volunteer service.

  • Volunteer service must be performed between March 1 of the year prior and June 1 of the Run year.
  • Service must be verified by an official of the event served. Entrant is responsible for obtaining certification on this form and for mailing it to the address below.
  • This form must be received no later than June 1 of the Run year, or the Entrant will not be permitted to participate in the Run.
  • Please do not send us the form until and unless you are registered for the race.
  • Click here for confirmation we have received your form. This is updated infrequently.