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Aid Stations

Perhaps the one thing that stands out most in the memories of every runner who participates in the Western States Endurance Run is the incredible volunteers who work the aid stations. With a staff of over 1,500 volunteers, the support given to the runners is unparalleled. The river crossing alone has a team of 125 personnel. There are 20 aid stations, including 10 major medical checkpoints along the course.

The aid station captains have many years of service at Western States and are professionals. The aid stations are well stocked with fluids and a variety of foods. The fluids that are generally available are: water, GU Hydration Drink Tabs and ROCTANE Energy Drink, Sprite® or 7Up® and Coke®. The night aid stations will also have soup, hot coffee and hot chocolate. The foods that are generally available are: salt replacement foods (saltines, pretzels, chips), GU ROCTANE Energy Gels, GU Liquid Energy Gels, fruits (oranges, bananas, melons), potatoes, cookies, candies, sandwiches, etc. Hot soup will be available at several of the aid stations, including the River Crossing, Auburn Lake Trails and Pointed Rocks.

Western States is a cupless race. GU will supply reusable HydraPak SpeedCups and HydraPak 5-serving gel flasks to athletes.

The use of Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) or Naprosyn can lead to kidney problems when used in abundance and/or under stressful conditions such as running a 100 mile run. We will not provide these medications at our aid stations. If you feel the need to bring and use your own pain medications or anti-inflammatories, then you are willing to assume the responsibility for their use.

Our medical staff also has many years of service at Western States. With a staff of approximately 50 physicians, 75 nurses, podiatrists, emergency medical technicians, paramedics and massage therapists, we try to provide the safest and best medical backup available. Some of these people have been participants in the Run, making them all the more aware of the needs of the runners.

Without the assistance of these 1,500 invaluable volunteers, there would be no Western States Endurance Run. Many of these volunteers have spent days preparing for the Run and will be at their stations for over 30 hours. They have given up their day to insure you the best possible chance of success. They have given up their weekend to insure you the best possible chance of success. Giving each volunteer the courtesy, respect and sincere thanks that they each richly deserve is all that we ask.

CheckpointDistanceMedicalDrop BagsCrew AccessPacer ChangeMen's CRWomen's CR24 hour30 hourCutoff
Olympic Valley0YesYes (multiple)5:00am5:00am5:00am5:00am
Lyon Ridge10.3No6:39am6:45am7:10am7:40am10:30am*
Red Star Ridge15.8YesYesNo7:28am7:41am8:20am9:10am10:30am
Duncan Canyon24.4Yes (1 vehicle)8:31am8:52am10:00am11:15am12:30pm
Robinson Flat30.3YesYesYes (shuttle)9:26am9:59am11:30am1:10pm2:10pm
Miller's Defeat34.4No9:55am10:38am12:25pm2:15pm3:15pm
Dusty Corners38Yes (1 vehicle)10:18am11:06am1:10pm3:05pm4:05pm
Last Chance43.3YesYesNo10:55am11:45am2:05pm4:20pm5:25pm
Devil's Thumb47.8YesYesNo11:42am12:36pm3:30pm6:05pm7:10pm
El Dorado Creek52.9No12:16pm1:16pm4:40pm7:30pm8:40pm
Michigan Bluff55.7YesYesYes (shuttle)After 8pm12:50pm1:52pm5:40pm8:50pm9:55pm
Foresthill62YesYesYes (multiple)OK1:41pm2:48pm7:15pm10:45pm11:45pm
Dardanelles (Cal-1)65.7No2:10pm8:00pm12:00am2:40am*
Peachstone (Cal-2)70.7YesNo2:49pm3:57pm9:20pm1:40am2:40am
Ford's Bar (Cal-3)73No3:12pm4:22pm10:00pm2:35am5:00am*
Rucky Chucky78YesYes (Far Side)Yes (Near Side shuttle)OK3:46pm4:58pm11:10pm4:00am5:00am
Green Gate79.8Yes (on foot)OK4:08pm5:20pm11:45pm4:55am5:50am
Auburn Lake Trails85.2YesYesNo4:56pm6:08pm1:05am6:25am7:15am
Quarry Rd90.7No5:42pm6:56pm2:25am8:00am8:40am
Pointed Rocks94.3YesYesYes (on foot)OK6:19pm7:34pm3:30am9:15am9:40am
Robie Point98.9Yes (on foot)OK6:58pm8:17pm4:40am10:38am11:00am*
Placer High School100.2YesYesYes (multiple)7:09pm8:29pm5:00am11:00am11:00am


  1. Estimated Pace for Leader, 24 hour, and 30 hour runners is based on past experience, but may vary significantly due to temperature and humidity conditions in the canyons.
  2. Cut-off times reflect the deadlines for LEAVING the aid station. If you return to an aid station after the cut-off, you will be pulled from the Run. The cut-off times will be strictly enforced by the Cutoff Coordinators or Aid Station Captains. Anyone leaving an aid station after the cut-off time will be disqualified. This rule is for the safety of all participants. IF YOU MISS THE CUT-OFF, YOU MUST STOP. Significant sanctions will apply to anyone breaking this rule.
  3. *Cutoffs denoted with an asterisk are default cutoffs. The cutoff is identical to the cutoff at the next aid station. These cutoffs are intended for emergency use at hard to access aid stations and must be respected.
  4. It should be noted that cutoff times are not intended to be a pacing guide. They are quite generous, especially early, and slower runners should focus on the 30-hour time not the cut-off time. If you’re close to the cut-offs you’re in trouble!

Drop Bags

Run Management will provide transportation for drop bags to the locations specified on the Checkpoint Chart above. This service is provided to aid crewless runners. Those with adequate support are asked not to overload our volunteers with unnecessary drop bags.

Drop bags must be securely tied, labeled clearly with the runner’s name and entry number, and deposited at the appropriate collection station established for each checkpoint on the Friday preceding the Run. Drop bags must fit through a 6″ X 8″ opening and can be no longer than 16″. You are limited to one drop bag per aid station. Pacers are not allowed drop bags. The collection station is located near the corner of Squaw Peak and Squaw Valley Road (near tram building), for Run Day distribution. Drop bags must be left between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Please do not use paper bags, shoe boxes, or anything made of paper-like products. These can get wet and tear easily.

It is imperative that runners do not leave perishable items in their drop bags. It is strongly recommended that warm clothing and an extra flashlight be placed in the drop bags that will be delivered to each of the night aid stations. Do NOT place glass bottles in your drop bags.

We cannot facilitate pacer drop bags. Pacer supplies must fit in the runner drop bags.

The drop bags will be returned to Placer High School stadium as soon as possible. It is the responsibility of each runner to claim his or her drop bags. If you cannot retrieve your drop bags, have someone else do it for you. Drop bags must be claimed by 3:00 PM, Sunday. Drop bags are located on the infield of the Placer H.S. track (finish line). Any drop bags remaining at the track following the event may be disposed of. DO NOT leave valuables in your drop bags.
Run Management is not responsible for lost or damaged drop bags and their contents.