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GPS Info

Aid Station GPS Waypoints

LatLongAid Station
39.19557-120.23845OLYMPIC VALLEY
39.22362-120.35342LY0N RIDGE
39.1881-120.4166RED STAR RIDGE
39.11946-120.48020DUNCAN CANYON
39.15627-120.50290ROBINSON FLAT
39.11717-120.52528MILLERS DEFEAT
39.09777-120.57990DUSTY CORNERS
39.11092-120.62542LAST CHANCE
39.09615-120.66455DEVILS THUMB
39.05020-120.70856EL DORADO CREEK
39.04097-120.73503MICHIGAN BLUFF
38.9948-120.8298CAL 1
38.9747-120.8607CAL 2
38.9534-120.8596CAL 3
38.96243-120.92925RIVER CROSSING
38.9500-120.9307GREEN GATE
38.926164-120.988021QUARRY RD
38.895301-121.024296POINTED ROCKS
38.8924-121.0539ROBIE POINT

Here is a link to a gpx file with the aid station waypoints above.

Here is a link to a gpx file for route of whole course (2018 Course).

Google Earth Flyover kmz file