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Pregnancy Entry Deferral


To provide a race entry deferral to anyone who is or becomes pregnant prior to the race under the circumstances set forth below. This deferral is not available to the partner of someone who is pregnant.

Who Is Eligible to Use the Pregnancy Entry Deferral:

Anyone with a race entry who:

  • is pregnant at the time they enter the lottery and gets selected
  • becomes pregnant after the lottery and prior to race day regardless of how they obtained their race entry (lottery, sponsor etc.), or
  • is an automatic entrant (Top Ten, Golden Ticket, etc.) and becomes pregnant or gives birth after obtaining their race entry and prior to race day.

Procedure to Obtain a Pregnancy Entry Deferral:

To obtain a Pregnancy Entry Deferral, a race entrant must:

  1. submit a Pregnancy Entry Deferral request in writing to the Race Director no later than 1 pm on the Friday before the race, and
  2. provide written confirmation of the pregnancy signed by a physician, registered midwife, or other medical professional or proof of birth. The race reserves the right to require additional proof of pregnancy or birth and may reject a deferral request if the documentation submitted is deemed insufficient.

Race Eligibility Rules After a Pregnancy Entry Deferral:

  • A person who obtains a Pregnancy Entry Deferral will be granted automatic entry into any subsequent Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run. There is no required timeframe within which the deferred race entry must be used.
  • Anyone seeking to use a Pregnancy Entry Deferral must notify the Race Director in writing of their intent to use their Pregnancy Entry Deferral and register for the race during the applicable registration period.
  • All other rules and requirements for race entry and registration apply, including having a valid qualifier.