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Pregnancy Entry Deferral


To allow women who have been selected for entry into the race and who are or become pregnant prior to race day to defer their race entry for up to three years after the initial race deferral.

Who Is Eligible to Use the Pregnancy Entry Deferral:

Any woman who has been selected for entry into the race (by lottery or any other means) and is or becomes pregnant prior to race day.

Procedure to Obtain a Pregnancy Entry Deferral:

To obtain a Pregnancy Entry Deferral, a race entrant must:

  • Submit a Pregnancy Entry Deferral request in writing to the Race Director any time after the lottery and up to ten days prior to race day.
  • Provide written confirmation of the pregnancy signed by a physician, registered midwife, or other medical professional.

The race reserves the right to require additional proof of pregnancy and may reject a deferral request if the documentation verifying pregnancy is deemed insufficient.

Race Eligibility Rules After a Pregnancy Entry Deferral:

  • Women who obtain a Pregnancy Entry Deferral will be granted automatic entry into any one of the next three races after the initial deferred race.
  • AllĀ other rules and requirements for race entry after a Pregnancy Entry Deferral will apply, including having a valid qualifier.
  • If a woman becomes pregnant again during a Pregnancy Entry Deferral period, she may request another Pregnancy Entry Deferral. This would permit her to defer her race entry for the three-year period allowed by the most recent Pregnancy Entry Deferral request.


Mia Smith is selected in the lottery for the 2023 Western States. Three months after the lottery she becomes pregnant. She notifies the Race Director and obtains a Pregnancy Entry Deferral. She will be granted automatic entry into the 2024, 2025, or 2026 race, at her choosing, provided she requalifies and registers as required. If she becomes pregnant again during that time period she can defer her entry for an additional three years.