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Crew Suggestions

We strongly recommend that you bring someone to crew for you. Not only will a crew provide a psychological lift, but having one will ensure that you have the food and drink you prefer and changes of clothing along the way. On this page you’ll find suggestions on where and how to crew a WS runner. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the Crew Rules, and note the following:

  • Crew access to some of the mountain checkpoint locations may be restricted or prohibited due to snowfall and the necessity of emergency vehicle access. Any last minute changes will be discussed at the pre-race briefing and crew briefing at Olympic Valley.
  • As crews may have to park a considerable distance from the aid stations, it is advisable to bring a small cooler that can be carried easily into the checkpoint in addition to a larger one that is kept in the car. A small cart or daypack can also be helpful in transporting supplies. Crews should wear running or hiking shoes.
  • Crews should be equipped with flashlights.
  • As the day and night progress, crews should take care of themselves as well as they take care of their runners. Adequate hydration, regular meals and appropriate clothing will keep crew members happier, stronger and focused on the needs of their runner.
  • A comprehensive clinic for support crews will be offered on Thursday afternoon in Olympic Valley. A short session to answer specific questions will be held following the pre-Run briefing on Friday.


Familiarity with access routes to the major checkpoints will be of considerable benefit to those crewing the Western States Run. Because access roads are extremely narrow and parking is limited, please obey the “No Parking” signs. Failure by crews to observe parking and access instructions can lead to the disqualification of their runner. Crews must always observe safe speeds; there is adequate time to travel between major checkpoints and greet runners as they come in.


If you have one crew, we strongly suggest that they follow the instructions listed for Crew “A.”

  1. Olympic Valley to Robinson Flat — Allow 2½ hours. Take I-80 West. Exit at the Foresthill exit. Turn left. Follow the Foresthill Road approximately 17 miles into Foresthill. Continue on this same road approximately 34 more miles to Robinson Flat. A shuttle bus service is provided from the Sailor Flat parking area, approximately 1.5 miles south of Robinson Flat. Follow instructions from volunteers. Please, only one car per runner.
  2. Robinson Flat to Michigan Bluff — Allow 1¼ hours. Go back on the Foresthill Road, approximately 30 miles. Turn left on the road to Michigan Bluff and go approximately three miles. This is a very steep, winding road; so proceed with caution. Follow parking instructions. A short shuttle bus ride will get you into the town of Michigan Bluff.
  3. Michigan Bluff to Foresthill — Allow 20 minutes. Return to the Foresthill Road. Turn left. Go approximately 4 miles to Foresthill.
  4. Foresthill to Driver’s Flat (Near Side River Crossing) — Allow 45 minutes with shuttle. Drive towards Auburn on Foresthill Road approximately 9.5 miles to Driver’s Flat Road parking. Follow directions from volunteers to park and get on shuttle which will take you the 2.5 miles to the aid station. If you’d rather go to the Far Side of the river (i.e. Green Gate) then skip this and continue driving west towards Auburn.
  5. Foresthill to Pointed Rocks (and/or Green Gate) — Allow 1 hour from Foresthill. Proceed west on Foresthill Road towards Auburn past Driver’s Flat Rd. After about 14 miles from Foresthill, turn left onto Old Auburn-Foresthill Road and proceed downhill for about 2 miles to the confluence of the North and Middle Forks of the American River. Turn left at the bridge, onto Highway 49 (No Hands Bridge is visible 200 yards downriver) and proceed uphill for about 3½ miles to the town of Cool.
    • NOTE: Do NOT stop enroute at the 49 Crossing.
    • Pointed Rocks: Arriving in Cool, turn on to St. Florian Court and park in the State Park parking lot immediately past the Cool fire station on your left. It is an easy 3/4 mile walk to the aid station. Follow the signs to the aid station. Absolutely no crew/spectator parking is allowed anywhere along Hwy 49 in either direction.  Crew members who attempt to stop/park at the 49 Crossing or on Hwy 49 risk having their runner disqualified. Also, the California Highway Patrol will be monitoring the crossing area; anyone parking or stopping on the shoulder of Hwy 49 will be ticketed.
    • Green Gate: Reached from the south via Sliger Mine Road off Highway 193, Green Gate is difficult to access and has very limited parking.  No vehicles allowed past the end of the paved road. Access from vehicle to the aid station is by foot only (1.25 miles). Do not park on private property. Note that there is no shuttle service to the Green Gate as in years past.
  6. Pointed Rocks to Finish Line — Allow 30 minutes. Return towards Auburn on Highway 49. Cross the bridge over the American River and make an immediate left. Follow the highway uphill for 2 miles. Continue straight on Highway 49. It will become High Street, heading west. Continue on High Street and turn left onto Finley Street, follow three blocks to the stadium.

If you have two crews, second crew should use Crew “B” Instructions.


  1. Olympic Valley to Duncan Canyon— Allow 3½ hours.Take I-80 West. Exit at the Foresthill exit. Turn left. Follow the Foresthill Road approximately 16 miles. Turn right onto Mosquito Ridge Road. This is a VERY steep, winding road, so proceed with caution. Go approximately 36.2 miles, and look for sign and trailhead. You must park in designated off-road parking areas only!
  2. Olympic Valley to Dusty Corners — Allow 3 hours. Take I-80 West. Exit at the Foresthill exit. Turn left. Follow the Foresthill Road approximately 16 miles. Turn right onto Mosquito Ridge Road. This is a VERY steep, winding road, so proceed with caution. Go approximately 23.5 miles, and look for “Road N-44” sign. Turn left onto Road N-44. This is a chip-seal road for 2 miles that becomes a dirt road. Total distance along N-44 is about 5 miles. Follow this road to the aid station. Do not take the road to Robinson Flat (closed to crews). You must park in designated off-road parking areas only!
  3. Dusty Corners to Foresthill— Allow 2 hours. Drive back out to Mosquito Ridge Road. Turn right and return to Foresthill. Turn right at the Foresthill Road.
  4. Split Remaining duties with Crew A to the finish.