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Crew Rules

Crews must follow all of the rules and regulations of the Run, including the Performance Rules, Pacer Rules, the following Crew Rules and any supplementary instructions issued in pre-Run memos or at the Friday afternoon briefing. All crew members must willingly comply with all instructions from Run personnel at all points along the trail and its access routes, including parking regulations, or risk disqualification of their runner.

  1. A crew member is defined as any individual who provides material support to a runner in the event.
  2. Crews may meet runners or assist them only at those aid stations specifically designated for crews. Crews must wait to assist their runners until after the official check-in and medical evaluation (where applicable).
  3. Crews must adhere to instructions of all aid station personnel, including requests to vacate a certain area of the checkpoint.
  4. Crews must stay within a 200-yard radius of the aid station while attending to their runners. Exceptions: Crews may assist runners: 1) from bottom of Bath Road to the intersection of Foresthill Road and California Street; 2) from the Rucky Chucky far side to Green Gate; 3) from Robie Point to the finish line. Crews may assist runners in designated areas located on both sides of the Rucky Chucky river crossing.
  5. No crews are allowed at the following checkpoints: Lyon Ridge, Red Star Ridge, Miller’s Defeat, Last Chance, Devil’s Thumb, El Dorado Creek, Dardanelles, Peachstone, Ford’s Bar, Auburn Lake Trails, and Quarry Rd.
  6. Crews will be limited to one vehicle per runner at all checkpoints except Foresthill. Due to narrow access roads, motor homes will not be permitted into any checkpoints. The only exception is Foresthill.
  7. No crew vehicles will be allowed into Deadwood Ridge, down Bath Road, to the Rucky Chucky river crossing (both sides of the river), to the Green Gate, 49 Crossing and Robie Point. Approximate distance from parking areas to “foot access only” checkpoints: Rucky Chucky — north (near side): Shuttle bus; Rucky Chucky — south (far side): 3¼ miles; Green Gate: 1¼ miles; Pointed Rocks: 3/4 mile.
  8. Crews must always drive at safe speeds! No matter how fast a runner may be, it is possible for crews to arrive at all the major checkpoints without exceeding the posted speed limits. Speed limits are rigidly enforced by the U.S. Forest Service, California Highway Patrol and the Placer County Sheriff’s Dept. The speed limit between Foresthill and Robinson Flat varies from 25 to 45 mph. Speeders may be cited!
  9. Crews must never park in such a way as to block traffic, access to the trail or checkpoint, or other parked cars. Vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense, and their runner may be immediately disqualified.
  10. Bicycles are permitted to access aid stations. Bicycles cannot be used to pace a runner or on any part of the Western States trail.
  11. No pets or dogs will be allowed at any of the checkpoints, the finish line, or along the trail. Pets cannot be left unattended in crew vehicles.
  12. No smoking will be allowed at any of the checkpoints or along the trail.
  13. Littering of any kind at any checkpoint, along the trail, or at the finish line is strictly prohibited.