Course Overview

Elevation Profile

Detailed Course Maps (mileages on profiles are estimates, use mileage from aid station table for best accuracy)

Squaw Valley to Escarpment

Escarpment to Lyon Ridge

Lyon Ridge to Red Star Ridge

Red Star Ridge to Duncan Canyon

Duncan Canyon to Robinson Flat

Robinson Flat to Miller’s Defeat


Miller’s Defeat to Dusty Corners

Dusty Corners to Last Chance

Last Chance to Devil’s Thumb

Devil’s Thumb to El Dorado Creek

El Dorado Creek to Michigan Bluff

Michigan Bluff to Foresthill

Foresthill to Dardanelles

Dardanelles to Peachstone

Peachstone to Fords Bar

Fords Bar to River Crossing

River Crossing to Green Gate

Green Gate to Auburn Lake Trails

Auburn Lake Trails to Quarry Rd


Quarry Rd to Pointed Rocks


Pointed Rocks to No Hands Bridge


No Hands Bridge to Placer High Finish