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Qualifying Races

Beginning with the 2015 race, we made the qualifying standards trail 100K and 100 Mile races. We have limited the number of qualifying races to the largest trail 100 milers domestically, and the largest 100Ks that are also of significant difficulty. Worldwide, we’ve included the largest races but also have the goal of geographic diversity so runners from anywhere in the world have an opportunity to run a qualifying race.

While every effort is made to ensure that this information is current, complete and accurate, WS cannot be held responsible for any loss, injury, claim, liability, or damage related to your reliance thereon. WS reserves the right to determine all WS qualifiers.

We update the list of qualifying races once a year each September and post by October 1. We welcome corrections of factual errors at anytime. WS does not receive any payment or other benefit in exchange for placing an event on its list of Qualifying Races.

An event that is not on the list cannot be used as a qualifier.

2019 Qualifying Races List

Events below are official qualifiers for the 2019 Western States Endurance Run. The 2019 qualifying run must be run from Monday, November 6, 2017 through Sunday, November 4, 2018.
All races are 2018 edition unless otherwise noted. If a time is listed you must run under that time. "Finisher" means under the advertised absolute cut-off for the race.
Run NameDistanceState/CountryRegionMonthTime
Abbots Way125kItalyIntl428 hours
Angeles Crest100mCaliforniaPAC8Finisher
Arkansas Traveler100mArkansasSouth10Finisher
Aso Round Trail108.7kJapanIntl530 hours
Bandera100kTexasWest117 hours
Bataan Death March Ultra102kPhilippinesIntl118 hours
Bear, The100mUtahWest9Finisher
Black Canyon100kArizonaWest217 hours
Blackall 100k100kAustraliaIntl1018 hours
Brazil 135135mBrazilIntl1Finisher
Burning River100mOhioMid-W7Finisher
Cameron Ultra-Trail100kMalaysiaIntl728 hours
Canadian Death Race125kCanadaIntl823 hours
Canyons, The100kCaliforniaPAC418 hours
Cascade Crest100mWashingtonPAC8Finisher
Chimera 2017100mCaliforniaPAC11Finisher
Courmayeur Champex Chamonix (CCC)100kItalyIntl825 hours
Craze Ultra101kSingaporeIntl822 hours
Craze Ultra100mSingaporeIntl8Finisher
Cuyamaca100kCaliforniaPAC1017 hours
Dalian100kChinaIntl425 hours
Eastern States100MPennsylvaniaMid-A8Finisher
Eiger Ultra Trail101kSwitzerlandIntl722 hours
Endurance Trail des Templiers100kFranceIntl1019 hours
Fat Dog120mCanadaIntl8Finisher
FunTrails 2017105kJapanIntl1130 hours
Garmin 100100kHong KongIntl230 hours
Georgia Death Race74mGeorgiaSouth323 hours
Golden Ring 100K100kRussiaIntl718 hours
Gorge Waterfalls100kOregonPAC417 hours
Gran Trail Peñalara 110K110kSpainIntl625 hours
Grand Raid International du Cro-Magnon115kItalyIntl728 hours
Grand Raid La Reunion162kReunionIntl1050 hours
Grossglockner Ultra-Trail110kAustriaIntl728 hours
Hallucination (Run Woodstock)100mMichiganMid-W9Finisher
Hardcore Hundred100mPhillipinesIntl5Finisher
Hellgate 2017100kVirginiaSouth1217 hours
Hong Kong 100K100kHong KongIntl123 hours
Javelina Jundred100mArizonaWest11Finisher
Kettle Moraine100mWisconsinMid-W6Finisher
Kierat100kPolandIntl527 hours
Krakonosova Stovka100kCzech RepublicIntl622 hours
La Mision100mArgentinaIntl245 hours
La Mision200kArgentinaIntl256 hours
Laoshan Ultra Trail100kChinaIntl528 hours
Laurel Highlands70.5mPennsylvaniaMid-A620 hours
Lavaredo Ultra Trail118kItalyIntl626 hour
Le Grand Trail des Lacs et Châteaux105kBelguimIntl518 hours
Leadville Trail100mColoradoWest8Finisher
Łemkowyna Ultra-Trail150kmPolandIntl10Finisher
Lost Soul Ultra100kCanadaIntl921 hours
Madeira Island Ultra-Trail 115KPortugalIntl429 hours
Magnificent Meaphoh Trail100kMalaysiaIntl821 hours
Miwok100kCaliforniaPAC515:30 hours
Mountain Lakes100mOregonPAC9Finisher
Mozart 100105kAustriaIntl620 hours
Never Summer103kColoradoWest723 hours
North Downs Way100mEnglandIntl8Finisher
Oil Creek100MPennsylvaniaMid-A10Finisher
Olympus Mythical Trail100KGreeceIntl628 hours
Orobie Ultra-Trail140KItalyIntl7Finisher
OSJ Ontake100kJapanIntl716 hours
OSJ Ontake100mJapanIntl7Finisher
Patagonia Run100kArgentinaIntl421 hours
Patagonia Run100mArgentinaIntl4Finisher
Penyagolosa115kSpainIntl526 hours
Pine to Palm100mOregonPAC9Finisher
Pong Yaeng trail 2017100kThailandIntl1127 hours
Ponitrianska105kSlovakiaIntl924 hours
Quicksilver100kCaliforniaPAC516 hours
Rio Del Lago100mCaliforniaPAC11Finisher
Rocky Raccoon100mTexasWest2Finisher
Run Rabbit Run100mColoradoWest9Finisher
Salomon Cappadocia Ultra-Trail110kTurkeyIntl1020 hours
San Diego100mCaliforniaPAC6Finisher
Scenic Trail113kSwitzerlandIntl630 hours
Sean O'Brien100kCaliforniaPAC216 hours
Shinetsu Five Mountains Trail110KJapanIntl920 hours
Shinetsu Five Mountains Trail100mJapanIntl9Finisher
SkyRun 2017100kSouth AfricaIntl1128 hours
SkyView Ultra Trail129kJapanIntl935 hours
South Downs Way100mEnglandIntl6Finisher
Superior 100100mMinnesotaMid-W9Finisher
Surf Coast Century100kAustraliaIntl916 hours
Täby Extreme Challenge 100100mSwedenIntl4Finisher
Tahoe Rim Trail100mNevadaWest7Finisher
Tarawera Ultras100mNew ZealandIntl230 hours
Tarawera Ultras102kNew ZealandIntl217 hours
TDS (Sur les Traces des Ducs de Savoie)119kItalyIntl830 hours
Thames Path 100100mEnglandIntl4Finisher
The Most Beautiful Thing Ultra Trail100kMalaysiaIntl1030 hours
The North Face Hong Kong 2017100kHong KongIntl1227 hours
The North Face Thailand100kThailandIntl217 hours
Trail Verbier St Bernard111kSwitzerlandIntl733 hours
Transgrancanaria125kCanary IslandsIntl228 hours
TransLantau Ultra Trail100kChinaIntl328 hours
Tsaigu Tangsi Trail100kChinaIntl425 hours
Tunnel Hill 2017100mIllinoisMid-W11Finisher
Ultra-Trail de Mexico100kMexicoIntl1019 hours
Ultra Trail Lago d'Orta120kItalyIntl1030 hours
Ultra Trail Ninghai100kChinaIntl1028 hours
Ultra Trail Sierras del Bandolero166kSpainIntl340 hours
Ultra-Trail Australia100kAustraliaIntl519 hours
Ultra-Trail Cape Town 2017100kSouth AfricaIntl1217 hours
Ultra-Trail Du Mont-Blanc (UTMB)166kFranceIntl8Finisher
Ultra-Trail Harricana125kCanadaIntl922 hours
Ultra-Trail Mt Fuji100mJapanIntl4Finisher
Ultra-Trail Tai Mo Shan 2017115kHong KongIntl1234 hours
Ultra-Trail Tai Mo Shan 2017100mHong KongIntl12Finisher
Umstead100mNorth CarolinaSouth4Finisher
Vulcano Ultra-Trail 2017100kChileIntl1224 hours
Waldo100kOregonPAC817 hours
Wasatch Front100mUtahWest9Finisher
West Highland Way95mScotlandIntl630 hours
Western States100mCaliforniaPAC6Finisher
Zugspitz100kGermanyIntl622 hours