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Trail Stewardship

The Western States Endurance Run Foundation (WSERF) takes seriously its role as a trail steward of one of the greatest and most revered endurance challenges in the world today. It is our goal to conserve and contribute to the management of the trail and surrounding environs in a manner that balances local, state and federal agency priorities, respects historic conditions and promotes responsible public use and safety.

As the trail traverses an array of landscapes, is exposed to harsh weather, fire, flooding and serves many public interests, we know that preserving every section in a manner that pleases everyone is often impractical if not impossible.  Consequently, work will sometimes require temporary changes to the appearance of the route.  We will always strive to cause minimal disturance to the trail in pursuit of the ultimate runner experience.

Many organizations use the trail and are dedicated to its care. The WSERF strives to collaborate with diverse organizations on strategies and projects that we believe are in the best interest of the trail environment and the run.

Ultimately, the WSERF mission is only as effective as the strength of its supporters. We thank you for your continued volunteer and financial commitment.

Please visit our joint trail work site wstrail.org for more information and to signup for trail work opportunities.