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If you are a geek and really like numbers, this page is for you. It is mostly a collection of statistics by Tropical John Medinger, but there are also others who have and will contribute to this page. If you have other suggestions for content or have something geeky that others might be interested in, let us know.

Top Finish Times

Here are the all-time top 100 times for men and women from 1986 onward.

All-time Top 100 Men

All-time Top 100 Men

1Timothy Olson28OR201214:46:44
2Rob Krar37AZ201414:53:22
3Ryan Sandes30ZAF201215:03:56
4Geoff Roes34AK201015:07:04
5Anton Krupicka26CO201015:13:52
6Timothy Olson - 229OR201315:17:27
7Seth Swanson35MT201415:19:39
8Rob Krar - 236AZ201315:22:05
9Kilian Jornet23ESP201115:34:24
10Scott Jurek30WA200415:36:27
11Dylan Bowman28CA201415:36:41
12Mike Wolfe33MT201115:38:29
13Mike Morton25VA199715:40:41
14Nick Clark38CO201215:44:09
15Max King34OR201415:44:45
16Mike Morton - 241FL201315:45:21
17Ryan Sandes - 232ZAF201415:46:59
18Ian Sharman33CA201415:47:50
19Nick Clark - 237CO201115:50:23
20Dave Mackey42CO201215:53:36
21Alex Varner28CA201415:53:42
22Tom Johnson32CA199115:54:05
23Ian Sharman - 231OR201215:54:38
24Jez Bragg30GBR201115:55:08
25Brendan Davies37AUS201415:56:49
26Zeke Tiernan36CO201215:57:59
27Scott Jurek - 229WA200316:01:18
28Dylan Bowman - 226CO201216:03:24
29Kilian Jornet - 222ESP201016:04:50
30Jorge Maravilla34CA201216:05:30
31Nick Clark - 336CO201016:05:56
32Tsuyoshi Kaburaki42JPN201116:07:04
33Hal Koerner31OR200716:12:16
34Joe Uhan34OR201216:13:14
35Neal Gorman35VA201216:18:40
36Timothy Olson - 327OR201116:18:42
37Scott Jurek - 328WA200216:19:10
38Brett Rivers32CA201416:20:06
39Ian Sharman - 332CA201316:20:25
40Brian Purcell32CA198816:24:00
41Hal Koerner - 233OR200916:24:55
42Dave Mackey - 234CO200416:30:17
43Dylan Bowman27CA201316:32:18
44Graham Cooper41CA201116:34:41
45Dave Mackey - 341CO201116:36:21
46Jesse Haynes41CA201416:36:42
47Erik Skaden35CA200716:36:49
48Chuck Jones27CA198616:37:47
49Scott Jurek - 427WA200116:38:30
50Tom Johnson - 231CA199016:38:52
51Brian Purcell - 235CA199116:39:08
52Andy Jones-Wilkins43ID201116:39:20
53Ian Sharman - 430CA201116:40:19
54Scott Jurek - 531WA200516:40:46
55David Riddle30OH201216:42:55
56Yassine Diboun33OR201216:43:01
57Jez Bragg - 233GBR201416:45:36
58Dan Olmstead39OR201116:45:45
59Thomas Crawford31CA201216:46:08
60Jim Pellon36CA198616:48:19
61Sim Jae-duk42KOR201116:48:22
62Tim Twietmeyer35CA199416:51:01
63Tsuyoshi Kaburaki - 240JPN200916:52:06
64Zach Bitter26WI201216:53:28
65Mark Brotherton32CA198916:53:39
66Tim Twietmeyer - 233CA199216:54:16
67Jez Bragg - 328GBR200916:54:35
68Zachariah Miller34MT201016:55:17
69Shunsuke Okunomiya32JPN201116:56:18
70Nick Clark - 439CO201316:56:23
71Jasper Halekas33CA200916:56:25
72Glen Redpath45NY201116:57:58
73Chris Price33CA201416:58:34
74Kevin Sullivan38MA200916:59:36
75Peter Findlay32BC199117:02:59
76Gary Robbins33BC201017:06:20
77Tim Twietmeyer - 330CA198917:06:51
78Andy Jones-Wilkins - 237CA200517:07:14
79Tom Johnson - 334CA199317:08:34
80Glen Redpath - 244NY201017:10:06
81Graham Cooper - 237CA200717:11:41
82Tim Twietmeyer - 438CA199717:14:00
83Dave Scott32CA199017:14:23
84Sean Crom33NV198917:14:43
85Scott Jurek - 630WA200017:15:24
86Joe Kulak37CO200517:16:13
87Hal Koerner - 328WA200417:17:16
88Jorge Pacheco35CA200317:17:46
89Tim Twietmeyer - 542CA200117:17:50
90Mark Lantz45CA201117:19:14
91Andy Jones-Wilkins - 339ID200717:20:29
92Herb Tanzer36CA198817:20:54
93Tim Twietmeyer - 632CA199117:25:26
94Paul Terranova40TX201417:26:00
95Tim Twietmeyer - 731CA199017:26:13
96Ian Sharman - 529CA201017:26:19
97Phil Kochik29WA200717:26:59
98Ray Scannell40CA199017:27:31
99Ray Scannell - 242CA199217:27:54
100Steve Peterson39CO200217:28:43

All-time Top 100 Women

All-time Top 100 Women

1Ellie Greenwood33BC201216:47:19
2Ann Trason33CA199417:37:51
3Ellie Greenwood - 232AB201117:55:29
4Stephanie Howe30OR201418:01:42
5Rory Bosio27CA201218:08:06
6Nikki Kimball36MT200718:12:37
7Ann Trason - 231CA199218:14:48
8Ann Trason - 341CA200218:16:26
9Kami Semick44OR201118:17:34
10Nikki Kimball - 240MT201118:17:39
11Aliza Lapierre32VT201218:18:29
12Tracy Garneau42BC201118:22:15
13Anita Ortiz45CO200918:24:17
14Krissy Moehl34CO201218:29:15
15Larisa Dannis26NH201418:29:18
16Ann Trason - 430CA199118:29:37
17Nikki Kimball - 341MT201218:31:39
18Emma Davies37CA200218:32:17
19Lizzy Hawker36CHE201218:32:20
20Ann Trason - 529CA199018:33:02
21Ann Trason - 640CA200118:33:34
22Ann Trason - 742CA200318:36:03
23Rory Bosio - 226CA201118:37:17
24Pam Smith38OR201318:37:21
25Annette Bednosky38NC200518:39:02
26Ann Trason - 834CA199518:40:01
27Nikki Kimball - 433MT200418:43:25
28Nathalie Mauclair43FRA201418:43:57
29Aliza Lapierre - 231VT201118:45:25
30Ann Trason - 937CA199818:46:16
31Ann Trason - 1028CA198918:47:46
32Meghan Arobgast50OR201118:50:19
33Kathy D'Onofrio23CA198818:52:40
34Ann Trason - 1135CA199618:57:36
35Tracy Garneau - 241BC201019:01:55
36Ann Trason - 1232CA199319:05:22
37Emma Davies - 236CA200119:09:34
38Tina Lewis39CO201219:09:49
39Pam Smith - 239OR201419:10:42
40Amy Sproston38OR201219:11:02
41Meghan Arbogast - 249OR201019:15:58
42Beverley Anderson-Abbs41CA200519:16:26
43Ann Trason - 1336CA199719:19:49
44Nikki Kimball - 542MT201319:21:43
45Nikki Kimball - 639MT201019:23:09
46Amy Sproston - 239OR201319:25:11
47Krissy Moehl - 231WA200919:26:02
48Ashley Nordell32OR201219:26:30
49Nikki Kimball - 735MT200619:26:51
50Meghan Arbogast - 352OR201319:30:50
51Beverley Anderson-Abbs - 243CA200719:31:18
52Rory Bosio - 325CA201019:32:07
53Emma Davies - 338CA200319:32:33
54Caren Spore42CA201019:34:29
55Amy Sproston - 337OR201119:36:19
56Luanne Park43CA200419:42:40
57Ann Trason - 1439CA200019:44:42
58Meghan Arbogast - 451OR201219:45:24
59Becky Wheeler36WY201119:46:54
60Nikki Kimball - 843MT201419:51:31
61Rory Bosio - 428CA201319:52:09
62Beverley Anderson-Abbs - 345CA200919:53:14
63Becky Wheeler - 235WY201019:58:40
64Karine Herry37FRA200519:58:47
65Aliza Lapierre - 333VT201320:04:46
66Kaci Lickteig27NE201420:07:10
67Luanne Park - 242CA200320:10:33
68Beverley Anderson-Abbs - 442CA200620:10:36
69Karine Herry - 239FRA200720:12:39
70Kathy D'Onofrio - 224CA198920:17:52
71Suzi Leon38CA200320:18:44
72Denise Bourassa44OR201420:19:30
73Joelle Vaught35ID201020:19:38
74Carol O'Hear29WA200420:24:13
75Denise Bourassa - 242OR201220:28:10
76Emily Harrison27AZ201320:28:40
77Caren Spore - 239CA200720:36:09
78Jenny Capel39NV201220:36:19
79Diana Fitzpatrick46CA200420:38:16
80Pam Smith - 336OR201120:40:48
81Sue Summerhays-King34CA198820:41:27
82Annette Bednosky - 243NC201020:43:04
83Helen Cospolich34CO201120:44:50
84Luanne Park - 341CA200220:48:22
85Meghan Arbogast - 546OR200720:50:06
86Krissy Moehl - 327WA200520:53:06
87Helen Diamantides33GBR199820:53:34
88Darcy Africa31CO200620:53:47
89Nikki Kimball - 938MT200920:55:43
90Shelby Hayden-Clifton31NC199120:55:45
91Kathy D'Onofrio - 321CA198620:58:16
92Joelle Vaught - 237ID201220:59:01
93Emma Davies - 435CA200020:59:37
94Elizabeth Howard40TX201221:00:05
95Kathy D'Onofrio - 428CA199321:02:41
96Petra Pirc31UT200321:04:04
97Kimberly Moody31ME198621:05:59
98Janice Anderson31GA199721:07:29
99Randi Bromka37CO198921:11:07
100Evelyn Marshall36CA199421:13:18

All-Time Fastest Splits

Western States 100 Fastest All-Time Splits
SectionMen  Women 
Start to Red Star RidgeTim Ball, 19892:19Lizzy Hawker, 20122:31
(mile 0.0 to 16.0)Hal Koerner, 20092:23Anita Ortiz, 20092:41
Dave Mackey, 20092:23Rory Bosio, 20122:41
Ellie Greenwood, 20122:41
Red Star Ridge to Robinson FlatTim Ball, 19891:56Lizzy Hawker, 20122:15
(mile 16.0 to 29.7)Sean Crom, 19892:00Ann Trason, 19902:16
Seth Swanson, 20142:00Ann Trason, 19942:17
Robinson Flat to Last ChanceRyan Sandes, 20121:43Stephanie Howe, 20141:53
(mile 29.7 to 43.3)Max King, 20141:43Ellie Greenwood, 20121:57
Rob Krar, 20141:44Nikki Kimball, 20071:59
Seth Swanson, 20141:44
Last Chance to Devil's ThumbMark Brotherton, 19890:46Ann Trason, 19890:53
(mile 43.3 to 47.8)Kilian Jornet, 20110:47Ann Trason, 19900:54
Brian Purcell, 19880:48Ann Trason, 19920:55
Tim Ball, 19890:48
Tom Johnson, 19900:48
Eric Clifton, 19910:48
Devil's Thumb to Michigan BluffTom Johnson, 19911:13Ellie Greenwood, 20121:18
(mile 47.8 to 55.7)Eric Clifton, 19911:17Ann Trason, 19941:23
Timothy Olson, 20121:17Ann Trason, 19981:26
Michigan Bluff to ForesthillKilian Jornet, 20100:52Ellie Greenwood, 20121:00
(mile 55.7 to 62.0)Rob Krar, 20140:53Ann Trason, 19941:01
Ryan Sandes, 20120:54Ann Trason, 19931:03
Foresthill to River CrossingRob Krar, 20142:03Ann Trason, 19982:33
(mile 62.0 to 78.0)Max King, 20142:11Ann Trason, 19942:35
Timothy Olson, 20122:14Ellie Greenwood, 20122:36
Seth Swanson, 20142:14
River Crossing to Highway 49Timothy Olson, 20122:16Ellie Greenwood, 20122:49
(mile 78.0 to 93.5)Rob Krar, 20142:17Ann Trason, 19943:01
Rob Krar, 20132:23Krissy Moehl, 20123:02
Highway 49 to FinishJim Howard, 19830:56Ellie Greenwood, 20111:07
(mile 93.5 to 100.2)Rob Krar, 20130:57Ellie Greenwood, 20121:10
Timothy Olson, 20120:58Krissy Moehl, 20121:14

Diamond Groups

Here is an interesting way to help you determine what splits you might want to target.  This idea came from The Great Ed Willson of Eugene, OR. The splits for each segment are separated into finish hour groups. Let’s say you want to run 22-23 hours. You can look at the splits that the 22-23 hour finishers ran. Outliers to the positive ran slower for that segment that other 22-23 hour finishers, while outliers to the negative ran faster than the group. The perfect split for your time goal may be right in the middle of your diamond group.

Ed Willson’s Diamond Charts