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Special Consideration

The Board of Trustees reserves the right to grant admission to runners via special consideration. These are limited.

1. Foreign Residency. All foreign residents may be eligible for foreign special consideration with the goal of achieving global representation. To qualify as a foreign resident, you must reside full-time outside the US and Canada, regardless of citizenship. Anyone living in the US or Canada for any portion of the qualifying window does not qualify for special consideration. There is no application for this so please do not contact the RD, just register for the lottery with your current address.

2. Extraordinary Contributions.  Where exceptional circumstances warrant, or for runners whose contributions to the WSER have been unusual and substantial, special consideration may be granted. While this special consideration definition is broadly drafted, it is narrowly applied, and each year very few are granted entry. Runners seeking special consideration must apply for the lottery and also contact the Race Director with a special consideration request prior to December 1.

3. Elite Athletes. North American elite athletes have the opportunity to gain entry into WS via the Golden Ticket Races Series. Overseas elite athletes may also gain entry through the Ultra-Trail World Tour.