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About Our Research Program

A need to formalize research activities at the Western States Endurance Run was recognized in 2005. In early 2006, the development of a Research Committee was approved by the Western States Board with the charge of:

  1. Assuring proper human studies requirements were being met
  2. Expanding funding opportunities
  3. Promoting greater quality and publishable research from the event
  4. Proposing specific lines of research

The Research Committee was developed, and research proposal submission processes and funding opportunities were made available beginning with the 2007 Western States Endurance Run. Through this initiative, the Western States Endurance Run supports basic, applied, clinical and behavioral research associated with the event. Research directly applicable to ultramarathon running, as well as research using the event as a model for other conditions, will be considered.

Want to Help Support our Research?

Good research doesn’t come cheap! But we get a lot out of each dollar we put towards research, as you can see from the list of research publications above. If you want to help with our advancement of new knowledge related to ultramarathon running, please consider a tax-deductible donation (WSER Tax ID #094-2902794).

We thank the following past corporate and individual sponsors of our research program.

Marcia Adams
Maxine Angell
Donald & Laverne Angotti
William A Bacigalupi
Rick Beller, MD
Debbie & Dan Benzon
Michel Blom
Lola Braccini
Robert Brandon, PT
Nancy Brennan
Dave & Laurie Buurma
Alfred J Cali
Robert Cauthorn
J Celio
Joan Clark
William Coffield
David Coggiola
Jonathan Cohen, MD
Karen Colwell
Mary Craig
Nancy Davies
Ramona J Decker
Joanne Depuy
Steven J Diamond
John & Theresa Diana
Richard Dresden
James Edwards, MD
Jerry Ellis
Joanne Evers
Eric Ewig, PT
Billy Ewing
RC Faria
Dick & Jane Finaly
Gary Forbes
Harold Fox
Angela Franceschi
Gary Garaventa
Kimberly Gaylord
William German
Nina Gibson
Virginia & Barbara Glagola
Frank Grange
Brittany L Goss, DO, Inc.
Barry Hamilton
Lee Hamilton, MD
Joan Hatton
Sherry A Hanson
Ed & Marie Henderson
David A Hill
Lenore Hirsch
Karl & Erika Hoagland
Clinton Holdsworth
Lorraine Hughes
Valerie Hunt
Elzbieta Hyde
Dinah Cross James
Marie Kennelly
Mary Lou King
Joseph Knoblauch
Clifford Knuckles
Jason Koop
Bill Kroplin
Annemarie Lando
Doug Latimer
Lois Lourie
James Luce
Lella P Lyons
Leo Maionchi
Sharon Marangoni
George Marcy
Lou & Kathy Martin
Brian McGeeney
Kevin McGeeney
John Medinger
Sandra Myers
Jenny & Tom Obermeier
Joanne S O’Callaghan
Kimberly Opitz, PA-C
William Orr
Keith Pieper
Jesse & Brenda Pittore
Donna Prewoznik
Ethel Ramos
Narendra Rocherolle
Tom & Gail Rossi
Rossi Family Foundation
Dario Sattui
Charles Savage
Loueen Schreiner
Fred & Marjorie Schweizer
Michael Shifflett, MD
Gail & Paul Silvestri
Dennis Sisto
Robert Snyder
Karsten Solheim
Marilyn Soulsburg
Jose Suarez
Paul Sweigert, MD
Charles Taylor
Robert W Theisen
Rue Tikker, DPM
Bo & Cindy Titchenal
John Trefethen
Kenneth Tubman
Jay Watson
Mary Wilson
MaryEllen & Jim Wilson
Mark Worley
Castello Di Amoroso
Edge Physical Therapy
Lodi Health
Napa Valley Orthopaedic Medical Group, Inc.
Napa Valley Research Foundation
Napa Valley Physical Therapy
Razi Family Winery
Sierra Nevada Hospital
Sutter Health
Think Ice Cream
V. Sattui Winery
X23 and Me