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American Fire Update

As most everyone who has been following the news regarding the American Fire, we are all very concerned about the fire’s impact to the Western States Trail. According to fire perimeter maps from the Incident Management Team, the Western States Trail section between Last Chance and Devil’s Thumb has been impacted by the fire. To what extent, no one can be sure until a “boots on the ground” assessment can be made.

Earlier this year, the Western States Trail Foundation and the Western States 100-Mile Run Foundation assimilated the Western States Joint Trail Team (WSJTT).  Our long-term goal is to develop a collaborative, strategic vision for future efforts between our organizations in all of these key areas.  Both organizations will do this while working in collaboration and cooperation with the private land owners and other interested organizations and foundations as well as local, state and federal agencies that are charged with managing this precious resource.

Many of you are very anxious to gear up and pitch in to help with recovery efforts for the trail. At this time, we ask that you please refrain from any activities associated with the burn area and the Western States Trail. Once the Tahoe National Forest has determined that the fire has been fully contained and it is safe to venture into the area, the WSJTT will work with the appropriate Tahoe National Forest staff on a plan to evaluate and assess the condition of the trail within the burn area.

Thanks to all for your keen interest in supporting the preservation of the Western States Trail.  Like all challenges in life, we will come together as a team and ensure that every effort possible is made to ensure recovery of this historic trail.


John Trent
Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run Foundation

Kathie D. Perry
Western States Trail Foundation

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